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Who we are

Hi! My name is Sofi, and behind me is my mom, Simi! I'm a young, sassy, female Pomeranian who is probably the cutest thing you'll ever meet. I'm always looking for a new man, or best friend, so if you think you qualify and are as cute as a model, contact us! We may just make you one of our Sof's BFFs, where you'll be sent new products to try, test and post! Thanks for visiting our site. A place to love, care for, and cherish your pet, no matter what species, above all else. There's something for everyone here. Welcome to Sof's, make yourself at home.

A pet is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

What We Care About...

What we care about is safety, sustainability and bucket loads of fun! We want your pet to always be the best dressed, coolest, most confident and cared for on the block! We want everyone from around the world to be able to enjoy quality products you can count on, without breaking your piggy bank. We are a home grown store with lots of love, Num Num's mean the tastiest treats in our world, toys come in abundance and our one of a kind 'Matchies' fits, don't even get us started, we could rave about those for days. Have fun and enjoy! Any questions? We got you. Either me, my team or my hooman will get back to you if you email us. Thanks a bunch, and if you take any insta-worthy photos or tik toks, tag us our socials are listed below!